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How to Stop Your Bathing Suit from Ruining Your Vacation

May 5, 2017

Ever dread putting on a bathing suit? Have a hard time relaxing on vacation because you just know you'll hate doing the bikini thing? If this is you, read on..... “Why are you so sensitive”? This is what my husband said when we were on holiday in Jamaica because I wasn’t acting like myself. I was accusing him of ignoring me. At one point I sat by myself and watched as he played a game on the beach. It seemed he was having fun without me. I felt sorry for myself. My low point was when I said, “you hate…

How to REALLY enjoy vacations, holidays, and parties

April 12, 2017

Do you feel bad just looking at the pastries, hamburgers on the grill, Christmas cookies, candy, etc.? Every party I’ve attended, I think, “oh no, here we go again.  Let me make a game plan”. I’d start by eating beforehand and hope this would keep me from over indulging.     I’d arrive, all would go well.  Then BAM, I would try “just a little” and this turned into a food frenzy.  Cookies, cheese, meats, candy – all stuff I wasn’t supposed to have.  Parties are free passes to eat right? It’s the holidays, or vacation, or a party, so I…

Is Your Self-Talk Sabotaging Your Happiness?

April 12, 2017

According to the Psychology Dictionary, self-talk is defined as, “the dialogue that we have with ourselves that can confirm and reinforce both positive and negative beliefs”. Do you talk to yourself like you would a friend, relative, or spouse? Unfortunately, negative self-talk is the norm. This can be a gateway to self-hate, self-destruction, poor body image, low self-esteem, and loads of other self-defeating behaviors. For me personally, I struggled with negative self-talk. There wasn't a day without thinking how much I hated the way I looked. I thought this was normal. This negative self-talk led me to a life of…
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